[Psychotronic Weapons]

by Raven and Antropik



[Psychotronic Weapons]

Collaboration tracks between Raven (Djordje Miladinovic, Serbia)
& Antropik (France)

Released in August 2013 by The Centipede Farm :


"Psychotronic weapons remain, at least for a layman uninformed of secret military research, in the sphere of science fiction, since so far none of the published scientific experiments was presented in the way which would allow for its replication. That it is feasible to manipulate human behavior with the use of subliminal, either sound or visual, messages is now generally known. This is why in most of the countries the use of such technologies, without consent of the user, is banned. Devices using light for the stimulation of the brain show another way how the light flashing in certain frequencies could be used for the manipulation of human psychic life. As for the sound, a report on the device transmitting a beam of sound waves, which can hear only persons at whom the beam of sound waves is targeted, appeared last year in the world newspapers"

Official videowok for "Remote viewing" track by Cris Ubermann: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzYGShy5E9k&feature=plcp


released August 23, 2013

Original noises & processed sounds material by Raven
Additional fx, granular synthesis processing & mastering by Antropik
Artwork by Raven



all rights reserved


Antropik France

Longforms and deep abstract drone ambient music

Antropik is a French self-taught instrumentist and sound maker.
The project started around 2001, mostly soundtracks for experimental films and audiovisual live act .
Focusing now on very slow ambiences, beatless and progressive tracks in concern of deepness, noise and physicality of sound.
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